Is it legal to build your parent’s Wills

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Is it legal to build your parent’s Wills

Is it legal to build your parent’s Wills in Australia? Children are worried about the defacto death duties of CGT, income tax and stamp duty. Adult children, in particular, don’t want to pay the 32% Super non-dependency tax. Basic Testamentary Trusts and Super Proceeds Trusts are out of date. The 3-Generation Testamentary Trusts […]

How to sign a will in quarantine

How to sign your Wills when you are in quarantine Due to the Coronavirus best practice is to not be with strangers or non-family members. However, a Will is only witnessed by strangers or persons that are not related to you. During periods of ‘lock down’ in your community when […]

Family Trusts – extra duty and land tax surcharges on foreigners

States punish ‘foreigners’ in family trusts for stamp duty and land tax We amend Family Trust deeds to exclude foreign persons from being beneficiaries. However, we believe it is incorrect to have your initial trust set up to exclude foreigners. Instead, you should do a “Deed of Variation to Remove Foreigners” […]

How to legally murder a person in Australia, legal suicide

How to legally murder a person in Victoria Action films take murder lightly. With the use of a gun or a knife; a person’s life can end. Life goes on. In the real world, this is not the case. The right to die requires you tick many boxes. You need […]

Australian pets in Wills

Pets in Wills I grew up with dogs, cats, birds and other pets. They are now an important part of our son’s life and development. Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. Over 62% of Australian households own pets. There are more than 24 million pets in […]

Is your employee Mental Health Policy up-to-date?

Australian employers pay out over half a billion dollars each year for work-related mental health conditions.  For the first time, a State government has set out a code of practice for the mental health of fly-in-fly-out workers. Build on our website all the Policies you need to ensure you comply with this […]

Is my Australian Will valid for overseas assets?

We are forever travelling. I spent two years with my wife and son to complete my doctorate in tax and estate planning in England. Many of us have real estate, bank accounts and pension funds overseas. Does your Australian Will cover these assets? Legal Consolidated’s Wills (even the non-tax effective ones) […]

Can you steal money using your parents’ Power of Attorney?

Why make an Enduring Power of Attorney? The person receiving your POA is the donee. The donee stands in your shoes. Whatever you can do, the donee can do. They can buy and sell property for you. They can operate your bank accounts. Obviously, there are limits. Your donee cannot […]