Build these Trust Deeds online Price

Family Trust

Family Trust Deed – over 18,000 sold $385
Family Trust Updates:
        1. Everything – Deed, Appointor and Trustee (recommended) – includes succession planning
        2. Upgrade the Family Trust Deed only – streaming, Bamford, trust law & tax
        3. Change the Appointor – includes succession planning
        4. Replace the trustee only
        5. Change Name of the Family Trust $445
        6. Exclude a Beneficiary in the Family Trust $1,432
Company – Trustee of a Family Trust – corporate trustee for asset protection & business $1,036
Company – Bucket Company – beneficiary of a Family Trust $1,036
Annual Distribution Minutes for Family Trust – sign minutes before 30 June – ring us if building over 10 $178
Forgive Family Trusts’ UPEs – human forgives money the Family Trust owes (UPEs & loans) $440
Deed of Gift – to prove the money you put into your Family Trust was a gift (not a loan) $345
Division 7A Loan Deed – company lends trust money to Family Trust (UPEs & loans) $265
Loan Agreement – lend money to your Family Trust $683
Vesting Deed – wind up your old Family Trust (Centrelink compliant) $444
Training Course on Family Trusts – includes the Family Trust Deed FREE

Unit Trust

Unit Trust Deed – with both pre-emptive rights and Unitholder asset protection $455
Vesting Deed – to wind up your Unit Trust $550
Company to be trustee of a Unit Trust – corporate trustee for asset protection $1,036
Update the Trustees of the Unit Trust – remove and replace the trustee of your Unit Trust $330
Change the Name of your Unit Trust – update the name of your Unit Trust $330
Unitholders Agreement – the Unitholders’ set of rules that also protects from litigation $442

Bare & Secret Trusts

Bare Trusts:
        1. Acknowledgement of Trust Deed – ‘AFTER the Trustee buys’ $850
        2. Declaration of Trust BEFORE you buy – ‘secretly buy’ $675