Self-Managed Super Funds. Complies for up to 6 member funds.

Build these SMSF documents online Price
SMSF Deed – built over 18,000 times $446
Special Purpose Company – to be trustee of SMSF $996
Convert old Company into a Special Purpose Company – to be trustee of SMSF $445
Investment Strategy – ATO audit friendly $225
Vest and Wind up SMSF – wind up, end and close down old SMSFs – get rid of your SMSF $585
SMSF Loan to Third Party $683
Commercial lease for SMSF – where the SMSF owns the commercial property $645
Reversionary Pension Kit – keep your dead spouse’s super in Super Fund $440
Power of Attorney for SMSF Corporate Trustee – if director dies or dementia, compliant with Fund Manager release forms $380
SMSF Training Course – includes the SMSF Deed FREE
Update your SMSF Deed for: Price
        1. Everything – Update Trustee, Upgrade Deed, Binding Nomination and PDS (Recommended) $450
        2. Trustee only $375
        3. Upgrade Deed only $385
        4. Binding Nomination only – updates SMSF Deed as well $397
        5. Product Disclosure Statement only – fully compliant with budget $330
Other SMSF updates
Change SMSF name – no CGT or stamp duty issues $390

New Auditor Standard for SMSFs – does your old SMSF Deed comply?

Self-Managed Super Funds are audited each financial year. The auditor relies on Auditing and Assurance Standards Board’s (AUASB) Standards.

The new Standard identifies, clarifies and summarises the responsibilities for SMSF auditors on how they conduct SMSF audits. It also provides guidance for planning, conducting and reporting on the financial and compliance engagement. It replaces the previous version.

At Legal Consolidated we carefully work through the entire Standard. Our SMSF Deed and Deeds of Variation fully comply with the Standard. When you build your SMSF Deed at our website you receive a signed letter on our law firm’s letterhead to confirm this.

What does lawyer sign-off involve?

Many non-qualified suppliers of SMSF Deeds state that their Deeds are ‘signed-off’ by an Australian lawyer.

This suggests that a lawyer has approved the SMSF Deed you are building online.

This is the case where the SMSF Deed of prepared directly on a law firm’s website, such as Legal Consolidated Barristers & Solicitors’ website. But it is not the case with non-law firm websites.

Be careful with websites that are not law firms. Ask these non-law firm websites:

  • who is responsible for the Deed?
  • where is the covering letter on law firm letterhead to confirm that the law firm prepared the Deed?

A re-sold lawyer template is:

  • different from purchasing a SMSF Deed directly from the law firm
  • not ‘signed-off’ by a lawyer.

With all Legal Consolidated Deeds, you get a covering letter. It is signed by a partner of our law firm. It confirms that Legal Consolidated authored the SMSF Deed, Product Disclosure Statement, Minutes and Non-lapsing Death Benefit nomination.

You are about to build a SMSF document on a law firm’s website. Legal Consolidated is directly responsible for that Deed.

Email and telephone for help building these SMSF documents on our law firm website.
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