Self-Managed Super Fund, Deeds, PDS and Minutes – build on a law firm’s website

Build these SMSF documents online Price
SMSF Deed – built over 18,000 times $446
Special Purpose Company – to be trustee of SMSF $1,036
Convert old Company into a Special Purpose Company – to be trustee of SMSF $445
Investment Strategy – ATO audit friendly $225
Vest and Wind up SMSF – wind up, end and close down old SMSFs – get rid of your SMSF $585
SMSF Loan to Third Party $683
Commercial lease for SMSF – where the SMSF owns the commercial property $645
Reversionary Pension Kit – keep your dead spouse’s super in the Super Fund $440
Power of Attorney for SMSF Corporate Trustee – if the director dies or has dementia, compliant with Fund Manager release forms $678
SMSF Training Course – includes the SMSF Deed FREE
Update your SMSF Deed for: Price
        1. Everything – Update Trustee, Upgrade Deed, Binding Nomination and PDS (Recommended) $450
        2. Trustee only $375
        3. Upgrade Deed only $385
        4. Binding Nomination only – updates SMSF Deed as well $397
        5. Product Disclosure Statement only – fully compliant with budget $330
Other SMSF updates
Change SMSF name – no CGT or stamp duty issues $390

New Auditor Standard for SMSFs – does your old SMSF Deed comply?

Self-Managed Super Funds are audited each financial year. The auditor relies on the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board’s (AUASB) Standards.

The new Standard identifies, clarifies and summarises the responsibilities of SMSF auditors on how they conduct SMSF audits. It also provides guidance for planning, conducting and reporting on the financial and compliance engagement. It replaces the previous version.

At Legal Consolidated we carefully work through the entire Standard. Our SMSF Deed and Deeds of Variation fully comply with the Standard. When you build your SMSF Deed at our website you receive a signed letter on our law firm’s letterhead to confirm this.

What does specialist superannuation lawyer sign-off involve?upgrade smsf deed of ato and auditor by australian law firm

Many non-qualified suppliers of SMSF Deeds state that their Deeds are ‘signed off’ by an Australian lawyer.

This suggests that a lawyer has approved the SMSF Deed you are building online.

In contrast, Legal Consolidated is the law firm. When you build a document on our website you are dealing directly with Legal Consolidated Barristers & Solicitors. However, this is not the case with non-law firm websites.

Be careful with websites that are not law firms. Ask these non-law firm websites:

  • who is responsible for the Deed?
  • where is the covering letter on law firm letterhead to confirm that the law firm prepared the Deed?

A re-sold lawyer template is:

  • different from purchasing an SMSF Deed directly from the law firm
  • not ‘signed off‘ by a lawyer.

With all Legal Consolidated Deeds, you get a cover letter. It is signed by a partner of our law firm. It confirms that Legal Consolidated authored the SMSF Deed, Product Disclosure Statement, Minutes and Non-lapsing Death Benefit nomination.

You are about to build an SMSF document on a law firm’s website. Legal Consolidated is directly responsible for that Deed.

SMSF Toolkit by Legal Consolidated

The above documents are the essential resource for managing your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) with precision and legal certainty. At Legal Consolidated, an online law firm, we specialise in offering meticulously prepared legal documents through our intuitive website. Start building your SMSF documents for free to understand the requirements of maintaining compliance with current laws, while meeting the standards set by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and your auditor.

Why use Legal Consolidated for your Online SMSF Documents?

  1. Expertly Crafted SMSF Deeds: Begin the free document-building process on our website, where SMSF Deeds are supplied by Legal Consolidated. This building process ensures your documents comply with the latest superannuation laws, helping your self-managed super fund operate effectively within legal requirements.
  2. SMSF Deeds of Variation: Change is constant, and so should the deeds of your SMSF. Our online tools allow you to upgrade your SMSF Deed, aligning it with current laws and your changing needs. This step is essential for maintaining ongoing compliance and fund efficiency.
  3. SMSF Product Disclosure Statements (PDS): Start building your PDS for free online. Our PDSs are comprehensive and educational, ensuring that all members are fully informed about the fund’s operations, which enhances transparency and aids in conflict prevention.
  4. Minutes of Meetings: Documenting decisions is crucial for legal compliance and audit readiness. Begin building your customised minutes for free to ensure they are accurately reflective of all decisions and prepared to face auditor scrutiny.

Benefits of Using Legal Consolidated’s Online SMSF Deed Service:

  • Educational Free Building Process: Learn as you build your SMSF documents for free. Our platform guides you through the necessary legal considerations, enhancing your understanding of SMSF management.
  • Assured Compliance: Ensure your documents comply with the latest ATO regulations and superannuation laws.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: Access our online document-building tools anytime, anywhere, providing ultimate convenience.
  • Cost Efficiency: After starting for free, you only pay if you decide to finalise and download the legally compliant documents.

Visit our law firm’s website and start the free building process of your SMSF Deeds. This process is not only educational but also ensures that your SMSF’s foundation is robust, compliant, and tailored to meet current legal standards.

Nine unique features of Legal Consolidated’s SMSF Trust upgrade Deed service

Legal Consolidated’s SMSF Trust Deeds are tailored with a suite of advanced, distinctive features that set them apart for superannuation compliance and adaptability:

1. Free legal advice as you build the SMSF upgrade deed

As you build the SMSF Deed update read all the free hints, and watch the training videos. You can also telephone us but answer as many questions as you can, as the free SMSF building process is highly educational.

2. Superannuation Legislation Conformity for Self-Managed Super Funds

Each Legal Consolidated SMSF Trust Deed is meticulously crafted to conform to the precise stipulations of the latest superannuation and taxation laws. This includes specialised provisions for various scenarios like pension phase segmentation, contribution refinements, and trustee directives under the newest legal frameworks.

3. Dynamic Flexibility in SMSF Deeds

Legal Consolidated introduces ‘Dynamic Deed Adaptability’, a unique feature that allows your SMSF deeds to fluidly adapt to legislative changes without necessitating frequent manual updates. This ensures long-term compliance and operational efficiency.

4. Direct Legal Validation of SMSF Deeds

Legal Consolidated offers a ‘Barrister Review Programme’, where every SMSF deed is directly reviewed and endorsed by a barrister, guaranteeing its alignment with current legal standards. This direct oversight by legal professionals ensures a higher degree of accuracy and reliability.

5. Integrated Legal Advice cover letter

With every SMSF Deed built, Legal Consolidated provides an integrated legal consultation—’Strategic Legal Guidance’—by way of a cover letter, to explain the implications and setup of the deed directly through their platform, enhancing the personalized legal support offered to clients.

6. Comprehensive Update Mechanism for your SMSF Deeds

Known as ‘Perpetual Update Assurance’, this feature involves continuous monitoring and automatic email to your email address if your SMSF deed requires a further update as new legislation and ATO guidelines are introduced, safeguarding trustees against non-compliance risks due to outdated provisions.

7. Robust Risk Mitigation for your SMSF Deed updates

The SMSF Deeds incorporate ‘Strategic Risk Management’ protocols that anticipate common legal pitfalls and financial risks, embedding preventive measures directly into the deed’s framework to safeguard the trustees and beneficiaries.

8. Advanced Tax Handling Features of SMSF Deeds

Legal Consolidated SMSF deeds are equipped with ‘Optimised Tax Efficiency’ protocols that manage taxation aspects efficiently, addressing potential liabilities such as excess contribution taxes and providing pathways for optimal tax benefits.

9. Guardianship and Incapacity Clauses

With a focus on life’s uncertainties, ‘Guardian Nomination Provisions’ are embedded in the deeds, allowing members to specify guardians in cases of incapacity or long-term absence, ensuring that the fund remains compliant and functional under various personal circumstances.

These features are drafted to not only meet but exceed the standard SIS requirements, offering a blend of sophisticated legal safeguarding, strategic flexibility, and comprehensive compliance management, thereby establishing a superior model of SMSF management. Each aspect of the SMSF Deed by Legal Consolidated is designed with the foresight and expertise necessary to navigate the complexities of superannuation law and practice effectively.