Old family trust deeds – 6 problems

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Old family trust deeds – 6 problems

  Revamping old Family Trust Deeds 6 Problems with old Family Trust Deeds and how to fix them Your old Family Trust is like your car. It needs updating from time to time for: Streaming provisions Franking credits Attribution to distribute capital gain Extension of the Capital Gains Tax regime […]

Safe sender list

Whitelist or add email addresses to your safe sender list in your email account To stop [email protected] going into junk or spam folders: go to ‘junk’ emails and ‘mark as not spam or junk’; or add to your Contacts; or add it to your safe sender list To add to safe sender […]

Garden leave in Employment Contract

  Garden leave in Employment Contracts Ron Dennis vs McLaren F1 team Ron Dennis and the McLaren F1 team had a fight. Even the world of Formula 1 is not protected from the clutches of employment law. It’s a perfect example of Garden leave. What is garden leave? ‘Gardening leave is […]

Contractor vs Employee

  Contractor vs Employee Many contractors are now employees – under the new rules You call yourself an independent contractor. Your business operates out of a company. However, the new rules mean that you are still an employee. The Contractor vs Employee question is now murky. What is an ‘employee?’ What is […]

Can you abandon a gift in a Will to keep the pension?

Can you abandon a gift in a Will to keep the pension? The Financial Planner carefully structures Mary’s affairs. Mary receives a $1 pension and Concession Card. But then, Mary’s mother dies. Mum’s Will leaves everything to Mary. The inheritance costs Mary her $1 pension and Concession Card. Mary has […]

SMSF Commercial Lease fails ATO scrutiny

SMSF Commercial Lease fails ATO scrutiny An accountant shows me a non-complying self-managed super fund. It owns commercial property. Its blemish? It does not have a correctly drafted SMSF commercial lease. It was a good lease. But it did not address the requirements of the SIS legislation. It failed the […]

Mum dies, baby pays 66% tax

Parent dies leaving children under 18 – use of Post-Death Testamentary Trust In a perfect world, you build a 3-Generation Testamentary Trust in your Will. When you die, your Estate is tax-free for 80 years. A 3-Generation Testamentary Trust washes out the de-facto death duties: Capital Gains Tax, Stamp Duty […]

Articles written by Adjunct Professor, Dr Brett Davies

Articles by Adjunct Professor, Dr. Brett Davies Click to view Why the worry with Service Trusts? Getting Property into Super for no stamp duty no CGT and no FBT Family Trusts and streaming life after Bamford Business succession planning Beware of failing to consider business structures ATO small business benchmarks […]