Non-Disclosure Agreement for Potential Employee

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  • Non-Disclosure Agreement for Potential Employee

Sharing secret information to a potential employee?

When talking to potential employees you may need to share some secrets about your business. Also, the potential employee may tell you secrets. These include:

  • plans
  • future expansion into new markets
  • new machinery and offices
  • financials and expected growth
  • business models and trade secrets
  • future services and products
Build this Mutual NDA protects confidential information. This protects both your business and your potential employee.
The Mutual Confidentiality Agreement for potential employees allows you both to talk openly. This is about the business. This is while searching for the right employee or co-founder.

Are non-disclosure agreements common for potential employees and new business partners?

Creating a nondisclosure agreement, or NDA, for incoming employees is common. Under a non-disclosure agreement, the potential employee agrees not to disclose any proprietary or confidential information about your company or your practices.

Do Legal Consolidated Employment Contracts contain confidentiality clauses?

Yes. Legal Consolidated’s Employment Contracts already contain confidentiality clauses. However, if the potential employee never gets employed with you, then this non-disclosure agreement is all that you have to protect yourself.

But Employment Contracts already contain confidentiality agreements

Actually, that is not true. Yes, our Employment Contracts contain NDSs. But many do not. But as to your question, yes. Once employed our Employment Contract contains the confidential clause. But you may not employ the potential employee. So you need an NDA for all potential employees.


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