Last Will and Testamentary Trust

Testamentary Trust Wills – includes Divorce & Bankruptcy protection, 3-Generation Testamentary Trusts, Superannuation Trusts
Recommended Estate Planning Package – includes 3G Testamentary Trust Wills, Enduring and Medical POAs
Mirror Wills – $975 Tax Effective 3-Generation Testamentary Trust
Single Will – $795 Tax Effective 3-Generation Testamentary Trust
Non-tax effective Wills (no protection for: divorcing or bankrupt children; Capital Gains Tax or 32% payable by adult children on your Superannuation)
Non-Tax effective Mirror Wills – $528
Non-Tax effective Single Will – $495
Training Course
Estate Planning Training Course – includes 3-Generation Testamentary Trust Mutual Wills

Do I need 3-Generation Testamentary Trust Wills or Non-tax effective Wills?

There are two types of Wills: 3-Generation Testamentary Trust Wills and Non-tax effective Wills.


If you can afford it, it is always better to have 3-Generation Testamentary Trust Wills because they contain:

1. 3-Generation Testamentary Trusts – reduces CGT, income tax & transfer (stamp) duty

2. Super Testamentary Trust – reduces the 17% or 32% tax on Super going to adult children

3. Bankruptcy Trusts – if a beneficiary is bankrupt

4. Divorce Protection Trust – if a child separates

5. Maintenance Trust – where beneficiaries under 18 years of age or unstable


If your family home, superannuation, life insurance and other assets, when combined, are over $1m then you clearly need 3-Generation Testamentary Trust Wills. However, if your assets are under $1m then the benefits, while still there, are not as great.
To help you decide, watch the above “Which Will is best” video.


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